We Will Miss You

Last week in one of my caregiver groups, we were all floored by someone in the group passing away.  I know it hit me hard, and it did several others as well.  This lady, Krissy, had just buried her father a couple of weeks before she passed.  Her father, Apogee in Korean, had Alzheimer’s.  As you all know, it doesn’t discriminate.  And health issues for caregivers are often developed or worsened. We all knew she had COPD.  We all knew that she was getting worse because she was in and out of the hospital, and it was becoming more frequent.

I have heard of caregivers passing before their duty was done.  Its sad, and it happens more often than we all would like to acknowledge.  For some of us, health issues arise from all the stress.  In my case, it got worse.  Her case, her’s got worse.  I was blessed to know her.  She was always so positive no matter what her situation was.  She was also probably one of my biggest fans.  Its bittersweet to be posting this and not seeing her compliment my post.  This won’t be long like most of my posts.  This is just to say thank you Krissy for all your support and your positivity.  You were an angel here on Earth for your Apogee, now you are an angel among us caregivers.  We love you and will miss you.

2 thoughts on “We Will Miss You

  1. Heidi

    So beautiful and well written too, yes she was so loved by everyone, I’ll always treasure us messaging alot to before her daddybpassed



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