What I Wish I Knew, Part 4

In the past 3 parts, I have given you an in depth review of my life as a caregiver.  I am now back to where I was when I first started this blog.  My journey with taking care of my mom.  Her cancer diagnosis on top of her dementia.  The heartache of watching mom deteriorate into a person none of us recognized.  The rest of this blog will be just things I am wanting to put together in a book.  More or less a place to land my thoughts.  I will add more when I get to the book, but I want some of this to be known because I believe I was put in a caregiver position for a reason.  I took care of my father-in-law, my mom, I help my dad, and I have also helped people who have needed help.

I want to cover things that are hard to think about.  Taking keys away.  Placing a loved one in a home.  Taking care of yourself.  All the hard things to think about, but even harder when you are doing it alone.  The point of this hopeful book, is to be that other person you desperately need when you are doubting yourself on a major decision.  I know when I was having to make these decisions, yes, I had some help from my dad, but I was going to be the one to take up that slack.  I am only one person.  I am a daughter, a wife, a mother, a friend.

I hope that what I have written in the past, and will be in the future, helps you.  If you have any questions about anything caregiving, please comment or email me (which is in my profile).  I am here to listen.

I also have to give where credit is due.  No, I am not a professional caregiver.  I have had a lot of support from several groups and because of these people in the group, I have learned a lot.  The following groups are on Facebook and I highly recommend any of these.  First one is Nourish For Family Caregivers Forum.  This is a faith based (any faith welcome, but geared to Christian) group lead by Deb Kelsey-Davis.  She also has a page called Nourish for Caregivers Community for those that are maybe not taking care of a loved one, but gathering information to help in the future. There is a wealth of information that can be found on the page.  This group has really been a healing page for me.  I was asked to stay to help others and now help Deb run the page.  The second one is No Judgement Caregiving. This is a place to vent and cry or whatever you need to do.  It has also been great for me to heal.  The last one, I just recently joined.  It is called Memory People.  This one is specifically for those that have a type of memory loss and those taking care of someone who does.  I have learned a lot from this group.  Especially from those who are suffering with memory loss of various kinds.

I hope that my story touches you.  Thank you for reading.  Now, to figure out what else to write about.

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