It’s been 1 year

I tried to write this on the anniversary of your death. But, there was something stopping me from it. But now, I can. It’s also been a year since we laid you to rest.

Today starts the second birthdays and anniversaries without you. Today, dad’s birthday, I brought you back. I made all your recipes. In the time I was in the house alone, I felt you right here with me. I felt you right by my side and being comforted while I shed a few tears. I know dad has really been missing you. Like I can see it more and more. I get scared that I’m going to find dad gone. But I also am ok with it because I know how much he misses you.

I remember the first few weeks, even months, I was scared I was going to wake up and see dad still here and I would find him still in his bed. But, with you.

Today, making our favorites, I wanted to make things maybe a little easier for both of us. 5 more days and it’s my birthday. It’s hard to believe that I’ll have my second birthday without you here too.

You have missed so much in this year, but I know you are looking down on us, making sure we are ok. I know dad has really needed you here with his eye surgeries. I have needed your advice on so many things as well. Especially with Jr.

I hope I made you proud today. I know dad was.

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