Life Goes On

It has been 2 days since mom has passed.  It has been a roller coaster ride for sure.  Just when you think you are strong, you crumble.  What is so hard is to keep going.  Not so much because you are sad, but because when out, everyone says “have a nice day”.  Well, let me just say, the day mom passed, I had to go to Walmart to get mom something to be buried in.  Have a nice day… yeah sure.  How am I suppose to have  a nice day when I just lost my mom.

But in the last couple of day… bills have been paid.  Bills have come in.  Trash has to go out.  Cleaning has to be done.  Groceries have to be got.  But its is still hard to go out and be told “have a nice day”.  I know they don’t know what has happened in our lives.  Just as we know nothing what is going in theirs.

When you step out of what you are going through, you see people laughing, people conducting business.  Its is something I never really paid attention to.  Someone is born and someone dies everyday.  Life happens all around us.  When mom passed, people were getting ready for work, kids were going to school, and we were mourning.  I am sure babies were being born, and others were dying.  I never really realized how much goes on everyday.

Yesterday, I called family and friends.  I got the pallbearers set up.  I got out with my husband for a little bit in the evening and got groceries.  Today, things were finalized for funeral arrangements, washed dishes, and tried to clean the house up some.  Tomorrow, more catching up and phone calls.  It’s life going on.  There is no stopping the world for us to mourn.  We have to do it in our own time.  Our own way.

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