More Love, Less Hate

This post is not about my mom, not about the usual I write about. This is about what we as a society needs, especially us caregivers.  This post was inspired by a fellow caregiver who made a video on Facebook tonight that inspired me.

We all have seen pictures and videos of all the people that went down to the Texas coast after hurricane Harvey. They put their race, their religion, their beliefs, all their differences aside to help someone in need.  They did not know their stories.  They didn’t care.  They cared about helping someone who was in need.  Then we saw it again when hurricane Irma hit.  Same thing, helping those who are in need.  This has surpassed all the hate, the removing of confederate statues, Nazi supremisist news, the black lives matter new, the everything that has ever been bad in the news.  Texas and Florida have shown the rest of the world how things should be.  Loving one another.

We all have a story.  Some are great, while others are heartbreaking.  We as a society have come to belittle anyone and everyone beneath us, anyone who is on welfare, anyone who doesn’t make enough money, has beliefs that different from ours, religious difference, and so on.  This country was founded on  Christianity beliefs and now, we are so far from that, its mind boggling.

Those that read this know this part of my story.  You know the caregiver and daughter side of my story.  The child who is watching her mother die side of my story.  There are other parts to my story, but I won’t go on about them.  I have seen stories that just melt my heart, give me faith in humanity again, then right behind it I see someone belittling someone because they are less than they are.  You know that age old quote, “why can’t we just get along?”, yes that is exactly how I feel.

Us caregivers need love.  Not the love like you may think… saying I love you, saying I’m here for you, nothing like that.  Its the things you do that show us you love us and care for us.  We get to a point that sometimes we just can’t go anymore.  We need someone to just listen, be a shoulder to cry on, and someone to say, ” it will be ok”.  No advise, beacause as a caregiver, you look for all the advise we can get.  Its the asking.. hey, do you need anything while I’m in town.  Because sometimes, caregivers can’t get away to go get something.  Its the bringing of food, because we are sometimes to tired to cook.  Its the “hey, why don’t you get away for a couple of hours, I’ll stay here to keep watch”.  Now, yes, this one is harder, but trust me, its appreciated.  Love comes in many forms.  We all saw this over the last couple of weeks.

Now, if we can just keep this going, after towns are rebuilt, after families have a roof over their head, there is always food on a table, clothes on their backs.  Can you imagine what this place would be like if it did continue?

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