Love Never Fails

Yesterday was my parents 52nd anniversary.  I let them have the day knowing it will probably be their last.  Dad bought mom some roses and a really nice card.  I will do something for them in a few days, but I let them have it.


There has been one thing that I have learned from them.  Love never fails.  You take the good with the bad.  The sickness and health.  The richer or poorer.  Love is and has always been constant between them.  Growing up, I know they argued, but they never did it in front of me.  Dad was never really affectionate, but I know he loved me.  He showed me by working his tail off for mom and I so mom could work only if she wanted to.  He did do some things with me.  My best memory… 7th grade.  We had to make a model or a diorama of a dinosaur.  Well, my dad and I spent about a week out in the garage for a few hours after he got home from work making a paper mache Pterodactyl that had a wing span in the end of I think 4 ft.  I was so proud of that.  And so was my dad.  I think he finally threw it away after I was almost out of high school.  Mom and I have many memories in the kitchen and at the sewing machine.  But my best memory of them together… mom and dad kissing when he went to work while I was getting ready for school.  These things I will always treasure.

Mom and dad have shown me no matter what, you stick together.  I also remember the worst memory of my dad was also in 7th grade when I nearly lost my dad from a pancreatitis attack.  When we finally got him to the hospital, he was 20 min. from dying.  My mom stuck by him and never left his side.  They have shown me first hand the part of the vows, in sickness and in health. My parents have always been my heroes.  I am blessed to have them set an amazing example not only to my husband and I, but to our son.

I look at my life now, as crazy and as hectic as it has been, I am thankful that I have my husband in my life.  There have been times that we have almost called it quits, but some how we have gotten through it.  There have been times I thought he would leave me because of my short comings. But he has shown me that together, we are strong.

I guess where I am going with this is… despite our short comings, despite arguments (which is healthy in a marriage), despite sickness, lack of funds, or anything negative, love always wins. Always.

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