Angels among us

Angels among us

This song has often hit a chord with me in times of need.  I never really understood this songs meaning until today. When all has been pouring on our family, we had a glimmer of hope today.  We were given a blessing and the person that gave us this blessing was nothing short of an angel.

He has been a family friend since before I was born. He watched me grow up, married my husband and I, and just an all around great person.  He is a true man of God. I believe God spoke to him and told him we needed an angel in our lives.

Sometimes, there are people that come into our lives that come for a season.  There are others that in our lives for terms, and then there are others who are there for life. I think these people who are in our lives for any of these periods of time can be angels.  Last year when we were moving, I had a man who came to pick up a tv end up helping us move some heavy furniture onto the trailer and I never saw him again.  Another friend, who I met via my son helped us pack up our storage room and I can still not say thank you enough to because it was so hot that day and she knocked off an afternoon with us packing that room up.

Now saying that, we have angels all around us.  We just need to look.  But we can also be one for other people. If someone buys your order in the drive thru, then if you can, keep it going.  You may never know if someone is using their last money to buy their kid a meal while they go hungry.  Helping someone do something, though small, may be huge for them.  I say this because we all have the ability to give.  Everyone has a story.  Not everyone has a need, but everyone knows someone who does.  Be an angel to someone.


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